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Undergraduate Students - Newly Admitted Students

Picture of our 2013 Undergraduate Research Scholarship recipients

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Welcome to newly admitted students!

The Office of Undergraduate Programs is pleased to welcome you at the Faculty of Science.

Our academic advisors and academic assistants are committed to provide you with guidance throughout your studies so that your learning experience here proves as stimulating and enriching as possible. Your success is our number one priority! We encourage you to come see us for any questions or concerns you may have.

Until then, we wish you all the best in your studies. Looking forward to meeting you in September!

Your registration

Consult the New Students Guide:

Picture - new students guide

Newly admitted students must consult the suggested course sequences table before registering for courses.

Registering online

You may register online by using Rabaska and its tutorial.

Registering in person

You may also register by visiting us at the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Office which is located at 30 Marie Curie, Gendron Hall, room 172.

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